Text? Audio? Video?


Through this blog, I’ve explored different mediums. The first few posts were text only, with pictures of course. Next up were a couple of podcasts. Last by not least, tried my hand video.

Given the purpose of this blog is to share the love of quilting and that quilting is very visual, I think video is one of my favourites. It was pretty easy. I used my Olympus Pen digital camera which has a “movie” option. I also borrowed a friend’s tri-pod. This served two purposes: the camera was set up and I could then just do my thing and the camera didn’t shake around. If you think you’re going to try shooting video, I highly recommend a tri-pod or even a mono-pod would work.

I popped the sim card out of the camera and into my ultra-book. I had to download Microsoft MovieMaker. It was pretty easy to load the video there. When I filmed the tour of my sewing room, I muted the mic on my camera. My plan was to record the narration separately. In MovieMaker, I was able to record the narration right there in MovieMaker. No separate software was required so that was nice.

Video number two, where January and I discuss choosing fabric for a project, was a little more challenging. My camera puts itself to “sleep” if it hasn’t been adjusted after a certain time. Our first attempt at recording went really well. When loading the video, it was only 5 minutes long but we had talked for more than 30. The camera had shut itself off! We tried again but with some help from a cameraman who made sure it didn’t shut off.

I really wanted to edit this second video but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Learning that is now on my list of things to do.

Expect to see more videos here as the blog continues to develop and find it’s voice.


Recommended Quilting Videos

As part of my class and, more importantly, as part of my goal to help and inspire fellow quilters, I thought I share a few YouTube videos/channels that are my “go-to” resources.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

First up is Fat Quarter Shop. You may have heard me mentioned them in my video podcast as one of my on-line sources for fabric. They have an amazing selection. They have have ridiculously helpful tutorial videos. My most recent favourite, this one is for you January, is on how to machine bind your quilt. Not everyone loves hand-sewing. I haven’t tried this method but I most certainly will. The instructions and video were clear so I feel confident I can do it.


I found the Missouri Quilt Company when on the search to figure out all the fancy new terms I was reading in reference to quilting. Things like “fat quarter”, “jelly roll”, “charm pack”, and “layer cakes” confused the bejeezes out of me, besides making me hungry. Missouri Quilt Company to the rescue! They have a series of videos that walk you through all of these and then some. I highly recommend it if you’re new to quilting. This way, when you go to your friendly neighborhood quilt shop, you can skip the hunt for a “quilt-terms-decoder-ring” and drop the talk like you’re an old pro.

Watch Quilty NOW on QNNtv

I’ve saved my favourite for last: Quilty Magazine. I picked up a copy of this magazine a couple months ago and fell in love instantly. It modern quilting with a lovely voice, if you know what I mean.  I ordered a subscription right away. Added bonus, they too have a YouTube channel! They’re part of the Fons & Porter family (I’m getting the impression they’re famous in the quilt-verse). One of the first videos I watched in my attempts to self-teach myself quilting, was Quiltly’s on core supplies for quilting. It’s wicked how Mary, the one quilting fanatic that I totally want to hang out with (someday, sigh…..), breaks up the tools into three categories: tools you need, tool you might need, tools you don’t need but you may want anyway because they’re cool. Stupendously helpful list and a great place to get started.

I hope this helps you. I promise to share more as I find them.

Happy Quilting!

Videos Vivacious

And now for something completely non-quilting related……a fellow classmate blogged about a few videos she found, specifically related to nature, being outside and our innate wiring for play. It struck a cord with me this morning as my family and I are heading out for our first camping trip.

This isn’t our first camping trip of the season but our first one as a family ever! We just purchased a used tent trailer so my husband is now up for the adventure. So, cheers to the long weekend and thanks Mud Puddle Days for a great kick-off!

Videos Vivacious.

Episode 4: Selecting Fabric for a Project

My friend and fellow quilter January, whom you met in episode 2, joins me to select fabric for a quilting tool and cutting mat carry-all. This was our first attempt to share our process for narrowing down a wide selection of fabrics to just two for this particular project.

Pay close attention at the 2:40 mark. That’s where my son, Maclean, came it to inform us that supper would be ready in 5 minutes. And, being the helpful guy that he is, he even shut the light off! That real life interjecting my friends!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we had fun making it. It’s already sparked some ideas for future video podcasts.

Creating a Podcast


I’m not exactly an expert but I thought I’d share some of my experience with creating a podcast.


I did invest in a decent microphone, one that has multi-directional capturing. Pictured above, I selected the Yeti mic. My assumption is that a good mic will equate to good sound quality and listening experience. It was easy to set up – just plug it in and go. I’m impressed so far.


I downloaded Audacity as a means to complete the actual recording. It’s pretty straight forward in that I was able to quickly record. I still need to spend some time learning how to edit recordings. It’s on my “someday” list. To post a podcast on Podacity (I’ll explain that part in a bit), the audio file as to be in a .MP3 format. To convert the audacity file to MP3, I had to download LAME. The link is on the Audacity website but be careful. There’s a tonne of “download” buttons on the LAME site. Don’t click on those. The actual LAME download is a hyperlinked line item. Look carefully.

Once LAME was installed, I was able to export out of Audacity, creating my MP3 file.


WordPress, the home of this blog, doesn’t have a way tio imbed podcasts as part of a blog posting. A separate hosting service, Podomatic, comes into play here. It was easy to sign-up and it was free. Uploading the MP3 file is where I stumbled to the point where I was going to toss my laptop out the window. For some reason, when exporting the Audacity file and saving it onto my computer as an MP3, the MP3 file extension wasn’t there. When I uploaded these files, Podomatic didn’t recognize what it was so it stored it as “unpublishable”. I couldn’t figure out why the export process wasn’t automatically applying the .MP3 extension and I still don’t know why. I manually renamed the files by typing in the “.mp3” at the end. It worked.


My first podcast was painful only because of all the technical difficulties. That first 3 minute podcast took be 4 hours to produce! If it wasn’t for this being a course requirement right now, I don’t know if I would have persevered. Last night, I recorded and posted my second, 30 minute, podcast in under an hour. That experience was so much better and a tonne of fun, this just may become a habit.

Tell Me:

I’d love your feedback on these podcasts and any future ones. I’m having fun and hope you do as well.

A Conversation with Fellow Beginner Quilter, January Townsend


I had the pleasure of spending time with my good friend, January. We got to talk about quilting. You see, she and I took up quilting as a hobby at the same time. Thought it would be nice to hear another perspective on what draws someone to this pastime. You can listen to our conversations, with some giggles thrown in for good measure, here.